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Ghana’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa, and its recently established oil and gas industry has made it a gateway for foreign investment (as stated by the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank in 2019). However, while prospects for a continued expansion are good, the state faces a stubborn fiscal deficit and the longer-term challenge of reducing the nation’s reliance on a small number of exports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fiscal and economic reforms, therefore, remain top of the agenda in the election year of 2020.

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Among the disastrous consequences of the Coronavirus, many people joyfully praised the reduction in CO2 emissions as a turning point in the fight for the environment. If we look at the past, unfortunately, they could be getting things very wrong.


Air pollution is one of the major causes of death all over the world: every year, more than four and a half million people die for causes directly related to poor air quality [1]. However, policymakers around the globe did not succeed to tackle the issue effectively.


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