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In the last 20 years we have witnessed political and economic processes becoming more and more interconnected and interdependent. Still, it is taking us some time to acquire awareness of the mechanisms behind  such processes. The bottom line of our first 20 years of this century is one: the gradual disappearance of the middle class, the rise to power of populist parties and an increasing inequality even between the richest. In these processes a major role is played by the banks, and the policies adopted to save them.

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One of the great issues of today concerns equality among human beings throughout the world. This question rises in light of the great differences that exist among citizens of different countries and among citizens of the same countries in income, social mobility, welfare and general prosperity. There have been countless debates on the reasons of the current situation and on the measures that would best solve the problem. A rising point of view places the blame for our current predicament on free market capitalism, and its inevitable degeneration into a system were a few greedy individuals benefit at the expense of the rest of the population, increasing inequality until it reaches a breaking point. [Read More]


Nel mondo moderno, le possibilità e le opportunità della vita di una persona sono influenzate, se non addirittura dominate dagli spropositati livelli di diseguaglianza che lo caratterizzano. Ad esempio, una bambina nata in Norvegia, dove il tasso di mortalità infantile è uno su 250¹, vivrà una vita più lunga e sicuramente più agiata di una sua controparte nata in Sierra Leone, dove lo stesso tasso si aggira intorno al 20%. Il mondo in cui viviamo, seppur sicuramente più ricco di un tempo, è caratterizzato da una coesistenza di enormi ricchezze e fortissime sofferenze, e in cui persiste ancora una sorta di cecità morale.

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